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Dr. Ben takes Doug Reynolds through the 15 minute routine as he teaches Jeff Kotterman from Trisystem Center how this training philosophy works. Then he leads Pam Ramseyer through a workout, showing anyone at any level can do this. Finally a collage from the group workout of the Low Carb San Diego Community group workout; view more of these videos by subscribing to Ben's YouTube Channel.

Workout: with Doug Reynolds

Workout: with Pam & Doug Bands:

Workout: with Pam Ramseyer:

Workout: with Community Group

Workout: with Jeff Kotterman

Presentation: High Intensity Excercise / Low Carb Diet

Interview with Doug:

Kim Minert Interview:

WPB Final Session (Panel):

Discussion with Ivor Cummins:

Commercial Gym Hamstrings and Quads:

Commercial Gym Quadriceps:

Total Gym workout Playlist (Quads on commercial):

Band Workout Playlist:

Dr. Ben’s SMART Training video (by Marco):

Wellness and Exercise: Drs. Doug Lakin and Vincent (Ben):

Total Health – Future Tech Podcast:

Corporate Warrior interview:

Channel 3 News at 9PM interview with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio and Ellen Adams about his METABOLIC MAKEOVER and SMART™ PROGRAMS.
(Channel 3 Evening News, Phoenix AZ, April 2009)

Channel 10 Fox news story on Dr. Ben Bocchicchio and his METABOLIC MAKEOVER PROGRAM.
(KSAZ Fox Channel 10 Morning News, Phoenix AZ, April 2009)

Channel 5 news story "EXERCISE AND THE BRAIN – ALZHEIMER'S" with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio discussing the effects of exercise on Alzheimer's Disease.
(CBS Channel 5 Morning News, Phoenix AZ, November 2011)

Channel 15 news story "FIT IN 15" on Dr. Ben Bocchicchio and his SMART™ Fitness Program.
(ABC Channel 15 Evening News, Phoenix AZ, January 2010)


Episodes 49-51: Keto Naturopath with Dr. Karl GoldKamp
Listen in as Dr. Ben Bocchiocchio shares some of his journey with us from his High School days to the history and the science behind his work.

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Vinnie Tortorich #1206 - Slow, High Resistance Exercise with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio

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Corporate Warrior #173 - Dr Ben Bocchicchio – The Origins of SuperSlow, Nautilus Business Success, and Optimising High-Intensity Strength Training.

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Low Carb MD Episode #12 - Dr. Ben Bocchicchio
Correction Note: 1) Sounds like I say creatinine when I think I say creatine. 2) I say HIT increases insulin resistance when I meant "increases insulin sensitivity."

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ARTICLES (January, 2012)

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An article on business webzine profiling Dr. Ben's S.Ma.R.T.-EX Exercise Program:
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Close Up: Dr. Ben Bocchicchio

Phoenix Business Journal (June 2009)
A profile of fitness center owner and master trainer Dr. Ben Bocchicchio:
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